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Hair TLC with Wedding Belles Love

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We're all about insider tips and tricks at Wedding Belles Love and our favourite one to share with our brides is about our hair care routines!

On the run up to your wedding we all want to look our best and we can't recommend nioxine enough! This hair treatment has help all our staff with hair regrowth and thickness within such a short amount of time! We all swear by it and use it religiously, when we first started using it we had new hair growth and we all had tiny tufts of hair growing as well as fringes!

This amazing serum helped all our thin hair become thicker and longer so we thought we'd share the tip with all our bride to be’s! This paired with silk pillow cases was a definite must!

Silk pillow cases help your hair to stay moisturised with natural hair oils and they massively reduce the amount of friction from tossing and turning which stops hair breakage! Now these two paired together are what a brides dreams are made of for that perfect wedding glow!

We even use silk scrunchies to tie up our hair to prevent snapping and face masks too! As they also help reduce wrinkles and help to keep your skin healthier and spot free! All the products on this blog you can find in our Amazon store!

Find our favourite products here.

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