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How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress

Updated: May 7

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How To Accessorise Your Wedding Dress

So you have found your wedding dress, or you are about to start shopping, you are wondering what happens about accessories? This wedding blog is just for you. When you are shopping for your wedding gown don't forget about your bridal accessories! These will truly change the look of your wedding dress, to be as individual as you are. From Wedding veils, bridal belts, wedding dress overskirts, earrings, bridal jewellery and of course your wedding shoes, there are so many choices to choose from, when it comes to complete your bridal look this is where you can showcase your own personality and create your own style.

Wedding Belles Love are going to give you the best tips for accessorising your wedding dress and how to complete your bridal look. We will share with you some of our go-to-stylising items so the bride can complete their bridal fashion look for your wedding day- no matter which style of wedding dress you choose.

Let's Talk Wedding Dress First

So before we focus on your bridal accessories for your wedding day, you should have picked your wedding gown first. You have to know which wedding dress you will be wearing on your wedding day before we can move forward and accessorising your wedding gown. We need to make sure that your items compliment your wedding dress, to complete the finishing touches. You can of course come with accessories that you know you would like to pair, such as a veil, adding straps, these we can absolutely work with. Usually, we start with a veil to see which look you would like to create, then we move to selecting your bridal headpieces, bridal belts,if needed, earrings, bracelets these are the main accessories we recommend you to consider for your wedding day, it is of course up to you and will be customised for your desired bridal look. At Wedding Belles Love we have a variety of choices, so we can style your accessories to work with your wedding dress whether this be a more simple gown as well as a more elaborate detailed wedding dress.

Wedding Veils

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, we have probably tried on a few veils to see if you would like to wear one on your wedding day or not. We absolutely love the traditional value of wearing a wedding veil, a veil will certainly elevate your wedding day to enhance your bridal look. There are many options to consider, such as types of edging, we love a veil with a weighted edge so they do not blow away in the wind, edging like pearls or small diamantes, the length also depends on your wedding dress, some dresses look epic with a long veil trailing over the train whilst shorter veils show off the detailing on the backs of wedding dresses, there are so many options fabric and material choices, matching lace appliques to your wedding dress. a veil in itself is as personal to you as your wedding gown. Your veil that you chose needs to compliment your wedding dress. Whilst sometimes a veil and wedding accessories can feel a little uncomfortable this is sometimes because you've never worn anything like this before, these items are worn on a day to day basis, but this is what makes this the most exciting, it's time to have fun with your accessories. You can be as detailed as you would like and tie all the bridal accessories together or on their hand you can go more simply marrying the items together but letting the dress do the talking!

Bridal Headpieces

After you have chosen your Wedding dress and veil. We recommend the next part to follow is the hair piece, here is where you will see your bridal day unfold as we stand in the mirror putting your look together, there are many styles to look through, there are a few considerations when it comes to the different styles. When choosing your headpiece, keep in mind your wedding day and how your hair piece is going to look in your photos, because these are going to be in your photos for many years to come. For this reason we like one that is worn at the front, so you can really showcase this accessory, but if you prefer one that is at the side, this is personal preference and your hairstyle will accommodate this look so it looks more visual in your photos. The first we will start with is the biggest, the bridal tiara. Many brides think that you need a huge ball gown wedding dress and big wedding hair updo, this is just not the case a tiara looks perfect with all styles of wedding dresses, including hair down. A new trend we have started to see is in the daytime tiara at the front veil for the ceremony and then once they remove the veil for their reception they turn the tiara around and place it to the rear along the back of the head for a completely different look.

The bridal headband, this tends to wrap all the way around a good example of a symmetrical piece, there are photos of these placed by our headpieces giving our brides examples how to wear these. They are a good way to bring in something that is subtle, headbands look great with all styles of wedding dresses, they are easy to stay in place all day, as well looks effortless with many hairstyles, a wedding headband will still be in place until your reception is over. We certainly encourage you to try on different types of hair accessories,

Oh Lets Talk Earrings!

This is where we see all the magic start to take place, the finishing touches to your envisaged bridal look, Earrings! You have chosen your wedding dress, veil, headpiece now let's tie it all together with earrings. You will want to select your earrings based on the headpiece to make sure that they are cohesive and match. So let's begin, if you are looking to frame your face and bring attention and eyes to your face and that will look amazing on photos then you are certainly going to want a more dramatic earring, perhaps for this look you could look at larger hoops with flowers, or droplet pearl earrings something that is a little larger than a standard drop earring. If you are going for the more subtle earring a single pearl or a small cluster earring, this is not necessarily a bad choice but please bare these in mind, that they will stunning in the mirror, but from a distance or in a photograph they will not translate they way you might like. If you are going for a more subtle look though, you might not want your earring to be as visible so this is the look for you. Finally, how you wear your wedding hair on your wedding day will again impact your choice of earrings. If you plan on a wedding hair down look you might not see your earrings unless it is styled in a way that is pinned back to show off your earrings. Picture your entire wedding day the whole look the way you want to look in your photos. These are all really important things to consider when shopping for your earrings.

Finally Bracelets

The last accessory we recommend is a bracelet, we do encourage brides to wear a bracelet even if it's a thin one, when it is time to cut your cake or you are drinking champagne they look beautiful in photos, it's a nice element to have on your wrist for your photos. We recommend that you wear this on your wrist that you will use the most, but mainly the right hand, as your wedding ring will be on your left hand, to keep the balance.

You might be thinking we have missed a key item ? The necklace! As this depends very much on your style of wedding dress, a necklace could change the neckline that you wanted to create, or you have a treasured necklace within your family that is going to be your something borrowed. A necklace can be more personal to each bride. We see a lot of necklaces in our wedding dress boutique that family members share with our brides, and we love to see the emotional sentiment behind these items. A necklace is a very personal choice.

We hope you have found these tips helpful. For more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.

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