Lets Talk Alterations.

"If you are out to describe the truth, leave the alterations to the tailor” Albert Einstein

Alterations Appointment

If you’re wondering how our in-store alterations work you’re in luck as here’s our guide to making your dream gown the perfect fit! Your gown should be a second skin fitting perfectly in every angle so on your day you look like a model walking down an aisle.

First Steps

First steps, when your dress arrives we’ll give you a message with the news and invite you back in store! t’s finally time to see yourself as the bride you are.

We’ll help you into your gown and our seamstress Andrea will start to measure, we’ll make sure every part of your gown flows perfectly from bust cups to seams. Andrea will make sure all the seams are perfectly in line taking in from under the arm and making sure the fabric is flush, we’ll then put you in your wedding shoes and make sure the hem touches the floor in the most perfect way so you can walk elegantly and not have to lift your gown to move.

The Process

Next we take over once the gown is pinned to place we’ll take it to our studio and take apart your gown, I know it sounds scary but don’t worry it’s all part of the process! We do this to make sure every seam lines up perfectly so no lace or beading is left behind.

We’ll focus on the bodice first making sure that the bust fits flush so there’s no risk of any accidents, well then take or add fabric to make sure your curves are flattered and it flows correctly around you waist. Then ending at the hem where we remove the lace layers shorten your gown to your preferred height and reattach so that you can walk perfectly without needing to lift at any point of the night.

Then the next time you see your gown it’ll fit like a glove and it’ll be flawless, trust us!

The Final Date

The next time we’ll see you will be a few weeks before your big day and you'll be collecting your gown, Andrea will be waiting to greet you at the door and we’ll put you back into your gown with all the alterations finished, your wedding shoes on and veil ready and waiting. We’ll take you to our private suite and you’ll see in the mirror the perfect bride looking back, with a dress that frames every part of your body in the most beautiful way.

And that’s it you’ll be ready for your big day. We'll say goodbye after such an amazing experience and excitingly wait for your photos to pop in our inbox.

Lots of love

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