Lucy Wests Guide To Poses.

So here’s a walk through of Lucy’s poses along with her do’s and don’t’s!

Firstly Lucy showed us how to stand in the

dress she explained that shoulders back and

out from the elbow would create a shape that

draws your waist in as well as dropping the

chin, lifting the neck and tilting your head

makes the person looking at the photo

instantly look at your gown and the amazing

shape it gives you!

When looking away from the camera extend your neck, so instead of looking up and creating a shorter neck, tilt your head to either side this creates such a beautifully romantic angle perfect for looking back pictures.

Create different shapes with your gown as silly as it seems, laugh it will create a really flattering shape of your gown.

Lucy also showed the importance of creating shapes that flatter your bodies flow your natural curves and lean into them to go from a photo that does not represent your body to one that flaunts it.

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