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Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Wedding Dress Shoppping

Updated: Aug 8

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Wedding Belles Love Plus Size Bridal Shop Staffordshire

Calling All Plus Size Brides To Be!! Lets Wedding Dress Shop

We are writing this blog today after our final appointment of the day Saturday 6th May 2023.

A bride to be telephoned us asking of we could squeeze her in to our diary, we had one appointment slot available at the end of the day, when the bride to be walked through our door, she was already deflated, as she had already been wedding dress shopping in the morning and was on our doorstep ready to cancel the wedding! She had gone to another bridal shop, where none of the dresses fit her and she felt "They looked old fashioned, like I'm not worthy"

Now this is heartbreaking for us to hear, and a story that is too familiar for us.

So this brings us to write our latest bridal blog.

So if you are searching for your dream wedding dress?

Then look no further because here is your ultimate blog for you to help you find your dream plus size wedding dress !

We believe that everybody is beautiful, so there are no limitations on size options or feeling stuck in a certain style wedding dress, at Wedding Belles Love we proud ourselves on our choice of plus size wedding dresses, we only choose designers who design gowns for body shapes, not just increase sizes by the inch, we look to see which designers change the structure of their wedding gowns, as body sizes need different support in different places, we also do not work with designers who add charges for plus size gowns. With our Plus size range, there are a plethora of stylish, beautiful and sophisticated choices for curvy brides, up to size 36!

So whether you are seeking a timeless traditional look or a more modern on trend wedding dress- then we have it all! Our stylists will show you how to find a flattering shape that works with your curves to accentuate them, making you feel truly stunning, So lets make those visions come true and lets find your dream plus size wedding dress!


So sometimes it is a little daunting when you start to shop for your wedding dress, there is so much to consider, so we have put together a few bridal tips that we feel might help you as you start to plan the most important day of your life.

  • Research Plus Size Wedding Dress Boutiques.

Don't rush into booking your appointment. We know brides become super excited and carried away in the moment, take a few days even a week, become a secret stalker! oh yes you heard us right and this might sound a little extreme, but follow, follow, follow find bridal boutiques in your area that you think you might want to visit to try on your dream wedding dress with and watch all their social media, look through their websites, do they really stock the wedding dress sizes and styles that you would like to try on? From seeing them on social media you will certainly get to know them before you even enter the store.

Unfortunately there are many wedding dress shops who say they are plus size but from our brides experiences we know this is not necessarily true. So to save your time and walk into bridal shops with your entourage only to find they have limited choices or sizes to start the search all over again.

This is where your research will come into play, so you don't have these experiences when shopping for your gown that our brides have felt before shopping with us. Check out instagram for curvy brides

  • Create a budget

Similarly before choosing the Bridal boutique that stocks wedding dresses for your size, check to see if they are also in your price point, so before deciding to purchase a dress, it is essential to establish a rough cost range beforehand. Before your appointment we always ask about price points, this is so we dont pull wedding dresses off the rack that are out of budget we would hate for you to fall in love with your dream dress only to find its out of your price point, we will stick to the price point and find you a wedding dress that is absolutely ticking all your boxes.

  • Keep An Open Mind

It's easy to limit yourself to a single style. If there is certain feature you would like to accentuate, communicate let us know, we will work with you.

Let your stylist pick different wedding dress silhouttes and designers explore different options, you don't need to commit to certain style or designer, let your stylist do the work for you, your stylist will listen during your appointment she knows what is on the rack and will bring them into your appointment, as you try on different styles and fabrics you will soon start to feel which are your preferences so keep an open mind, have fun, lets enjoy your wedding dress shopping, it's the most important times of your life let's make this experience magical.

  • Play Around With Fabrics and Textures.

When it comes to wedding dresses, fabric is key! Look for materials that will drape and flatter your figure. Soft fabrics such as lace and chiffon can give you a beautiful hourglass silhouette while still allowing freedom of movement. Are you a curvy bride searching for your dream wedding dress?

  • So Let's Finish With A Little Bit About Wedding Belles Love Curvy

Our social media is brimming with real brides that have visited Wedding Belles Love, we pride ourselves in real brides, normal bodies, we encourage brides to share their experiences with future brides, we want everyone to love the skin they are in. Our photoshoots are our brides to be, we don't use the stock images unless it's a comparison.

We have private viewing suites, no interruptions, no one else encroaching on your appointment, your own personal bridal stylist helping you throughout your appointment. All our staff are highly trained to give the same continuity of care and knowledge, our accountability is extremely high, we pride ourselves highly in supporting brides in our family run business.

We have drop-in free events for brides to come and talk to us, every Tuesday about anything that is troubling them or if they need a little advice on planning their wedding, looking for someone to chat with, absolutely anything, our doors are open for our brides.

VIP access areas, these are private areas for our brides on our website and our private facebook group, these areas are brimming with ideas, support, as well engagement from others, another part of our community we are building.

Pride ourselves in our reviews- click to read our real reviews from our real brides

So let's book your experience with us, to see why all our brides love choosing their wedding dress with us, read our reviews, take your time there is no rush.

See Our Brides To Be On Our Social Media

Are we the most bride focused bridal shop in Staffordshire - We think so!

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