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We Appreciate Wedding Belles Love Brides Part 1 of 3 (Events)

Let's Delve inside Wedding Belles Love and take a look inside!

As the New Year was fast approaching. We (Darci & Claire) decided to relook at Wedding Belles Love and all we stand for, so with that we took a step back from the boutique and looked from a bride to be eyes. We asked ourselves some really intense questions.

Why do brides come to shop with us?

Why do we love our time with our brides so much?

What do we do differently to other wedding dress shops?

How can we make our brides wedding dress journey even more memorable?

To say we appreciate all the brides to be whom walk through our doors, is an understatement, we spend so much quality time with our beautiful brides to be meet their nearest and dearest, we meet some of the most important people in their world, we adore these special times we all experience together, the memories we are apart of truly stay in our memories, the happy tears, the laughter, and conversations we participate in together certainly make Wedding Belles Love never feel like a day at work, these moments our brides allow us to be part of are indeed definitely priceless, this is a word we’ve never really understood until we met all these amazing people who have entered our wedding dress boutique. we are so beholden of them, and the journeys we share with our brides as they search for the one, that dream, the wedding dress they have dreamt about since the marriage proposal took place. This makes Wedding Belles Love an extremely gracious place to be.

Together we both spent a rather long time thinking about our brides and how we can improve their time with us, to show them the magic we feel when a bride trusts us in sharing their wedding dress shopping experience with us.

We started to work behind the scenes to create a place where we wanted our brides to feel like part of journey, we wanted to embrace the love that is shared throughout our boutique. We wanted to work differently to other wedding dress shops, we wanted to enhance the experience of our brides to be.

We already see our boutique very differently, we are more of a community, our brides have access to private groups, with information to access out of hours, we wanted to be more bride focus- so here came the first part of the changes EVENTS!!! This year we have already held events in store for our brides to be a part of.

The first event was our Valentines Day Weekend. This was utterly filled with love, confetti cannons at the ready for all the brides saying "Yes!" to the dress, the rooms filled with heart balloons not to forget the graze boards everyone loved, these weree filled with heeart shaped tastey treats. These moments, these times are the ones where we can feel the love throughout the private suites. this was the first event of many to come.

Next, we held an event for our brides to be, and oh my gosh we couldn’t believe the support our brides to be showed us, with queues out side the door as we opened, we knew this was going to be a fantastic day. With the fizz at the ready, graze boards on the counter, our brides, their mums and sisters arrived in the boutique to choose some freebies, to match the brides wedding dresses, the atmosphere was truly amazing, the chats the laughter again blew our minds in a way we never expected, all these beautiful people were to again support us, making our boutique feel filled with love the way we dreamed about when we spoke about events in our ideas to bring a community together.

Nominate Your Mum For "Shop Mum"

As mums are a big part in our boutique, we rarely get introduced by name, always by this is my mum, so with this we decided to have a treat for the shop mums.

Wedding Belles Love brides past and present can nominate their mum to be the ultimate shop mum to win afternoon tea at Wedgwood for Mothering Sunday. This is our way of saying a thank you to all the amazing mums we have in our boutique sharing these wonderful memories together.

This is running until the Saturday before mothering Sunday, giving our brides plenty of time nominate their mums.

As you can see this is a 3 part blog. Keep a look out for the next part, to see how we are going to make your wedding dress journy even more memorable. We do truly appericate all our brides, the memories they share with us, the valuable time we spend together.

Much Love Beauties.

We hope you have found this blog enjyable. For more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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