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We Appreciate Wedding Belles Love Brides Part 3 of 3 (The Finale)

Wedding Belles Love is filled with true love, love that is so very rare, we really enjoy listening to our brides and how they fell in love and with, the love stories that flood into our bridal boutique are certainly what dreams are made of.

We have many different brides through our doors, each with their own romance story.

These all translate into their perfect wedding vision. We adore listening and asking questions around your wedding day, giving us a vision for your wedding day. You are trusting us in part of your wedding day, for us helping you find your dream wedding dress is the least we can do, when you share so many personal memories with us.

The Wedding Belles Love team see each bride as so much more than someone who comes into the shop to purchase a wedding dress. We want to continue the journey to becoming a bride until the day they get married. We want each and every bride to feel as special as the next bride, we hope that we achieve this. Our boutique feels like a meeting place for everyone who is in love and getting married, it's filled with their nearest and dearest sharing this journey with our brides. We are involved with so many personal conversations. We have so many happy memories it never feels like work, they say "if you do a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life!" well this for us is 100% true, we work 7 days a week, ridiculous hours, but we never not want to come into work.

We love it when brides come and chat with us, take part in the events, as well as popping in to help us with a project.

Our brides make us who we are and words can never express our gratitude for this!

We often meet brides who change how we feel about working in the bridal world! These amazing brides make us feel like it's worth putting in all the hard work and hours, every day is a journey not only to the brides but to us as well! It is so amazing to be apart of all your wedding journeys hearing about everything that makes your wedding vision come true.

We have been helping brides for just under 7 years and every single bride has helped us to strive forward and become a leading bridal, without all of you we wouldn't be where we are today! Our brides not only come to us just to find their dream gown but have also given us advise over the years that's helped to push us forward without all of you we might not be where we are today! You have all definitely shown us how to change along with trends, tastes and to relate to all brides!

This is why we always love asking for your feedback, from polls on Instagram, reviews and our drop in days. We always ask on how we can be better from your point of view to help us to keep helping you!

We only see our brides a handful of times but we remember every detail as if you were in our boutique yesterday. We love listening to your dreams and wedding visions and then seeing it come to life! Working in bridal is such an amazing job but it wouldn't be the same without all of you! From the day you enter our boutique and say Yes! with us we become so excited to see the final elements come together!

We hope when our brides read this they realise how much you all truly mean to us! We care about all of you so much and we wish you all the best in this special journey of love and happiness! You have all helped us become who we are today, we couldn't of done it without you!


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