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Wearing An Overskirt On Your Wedding Day

Are you A bride who is shopping for their dream wedding dress, then you may have seen wedding dresses with overskirts.

Maybe you seen overskirts as an additional bridal accessory or as a detachable second wedding dress option completing the two looks with one wedding dress. Or maybe you are at the beginning of your wedding dress shopping experience and have no idea what an overskirt is. We are going to share some tips with you. How to wear an over skirt, What is an overskirt, the best way to take photographs in your overskirt, and how to remove your overskirt.

2-1 Wedding Dresses

Overskirts can be removable or a permanent part of your wedding dress, it really all depends on the bridal style you are wanting to create. Overskirt is a skirt that is added to the bottom section of your wedding dress over the top of your existing wedding dress. Overskirts are great for brides who want to change their look throughout their wedding day, they can change the look quite simply by removing the overskirt to reveal there wedding dress underneath. 2-1 wedding dress. Maybe you have fallen in love with a wedding dress but feel it needs a little more flair, Then an overskirt could be what you are looking for.

What Is An Overskirt?

So lets start with the basics, what is an overskirt?

As we briefly spoke about overskirts they are removable And non-removable option. This will all depend on your style of wedding dress.

Overskirts are designed from a variety of fabrics and volumes, the overskirt style will depend on your style of wedding dress you have chosen, they are essentially an additional layer of fabric that goes over your wedding dress around the waist line. Wedding dress overskirts are typically designed to give your bridal dress more volume and a skirt similar to a ball gown.

Detachable overskirts usually fit hip to hip so that the front of your wedding dress and shows off your figure, there are overskirts that are a complete, they are constructed to fully encircle your wedding dress and give a much fuller skirt.

Overskirts can come in sparkle, lace as well as plain styles, these are personal to match the style and look you are dreaming about for your wedding day.

They can also be a really fun moment and an extra element of surprise for your guests on your wedding day to have two bridal looks in one. Overskirts are a great way to have that element of a ballgown look, with out the sacrifice of a more shapely fitted look. This is your 2-1 where you do not need to decide if you want to have a ball gown or fitted wedding dress. You get the best of both with a detachable skirt on your wedding day.

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding day photography, we understand that this is such an important part to your wedding day. In terms of understanding how to pose and stand for your photos, that's why you have a professional photographer, we also highly recommend doing an engagement shoot with your photographer so that you are comfortable being behind the camera and you can learn what positions work best for you and your partner. Your photographer will give you the best advice and guide you on the best angles.

Another tip that we have heard from our brides, is to talk to your photographer about your bridal insecurities whether its arms, belly just be upfront, your photographer will give you poses that will flatter your body so that you like how your photos turn out.

So an overskirt can be used like a veil, they can add a real fun element for your wedding day photographs and add a bit of flair when tossed in the air or twirled around.

Sold Separately

When it comes to overskirts, it is good to know that are sold separately from wedding dresses so you do not have to purchase the overskirt to the wedding dress, you can change to a different style should you chose.

When trying on wedding dresses and want to try on overskirt for an extra elevated look, bare in mind that you are essentially buying two dresses because they are two very different looks.

Wedding Day Timeline

You are probably wondering when the best time to remove your overskirt on your wedding day?

You should definitely wearing your overskirt as you walk down the aisle for your wedding ceremony and for family photos after the ceremony the next big moment you would want to consider is your first dance. The first dance is where it is up to you if you want to wear your wedding dress with the overskirt or not. You might want to enter your reception ready to party, with no overskirt and your wedding dress already bustled so you are ready to dance without tripping over your wedding dress. Another option is to bustle your wedding dress under your overskirt before you enter then you can reveal your new bridal look after your first dance,

Do Not Leave It Behind

One final tip from one of our brides. Designate someone from your bridal party to collect any of your items you remove from your wedding dress or any of your accessories so they do not get lost or left behind. Your wedding day is completely up to you and however you want it to look like, just remember to communicate your timeline with your wedding planner / or chosen person so your wedding day is how you would like it look.

We hope you have found these tips helpful, for more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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