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What Wedding Dress Style & Shape Should You Wear For Your Shape

So you are newly engaged now is the time to start wedding dress shopping, how exciting!

You may be wondering what wedding dress silhouette is going to suit your body shape. One of the most asked questions is what wedding dress is going to suit me. This answer might be a surprise, but there is no answer to which wedding dress style suits a certain body shape.

Finding your wedding dress is a monumental part of your wedding journey, it can be slightly overwhelming. Wedding Belles Love goal is to make wedding dress shopping as stress free as possible, throughout your first wedding dress appointment we will determine which style of wedding dress you want to wear. We have a simple formula where we take the brides to their fitting room, where we sit down and have a chat about their wedding day, we listen and learn about the wants of their wedding day, this is where their personality shines through, giving our bridal stylists an insight to the bride, thus enabling us to help them in choosing their dream wedding dress.

How Can We Help?

We are super excited to share or formula with you today, because we understand how important it is to find your perfect wedding dress that makes you feel amazing and confident, but we also want to help make this as stress free as possible.

No Regrets

We never want a bride to have any regrets after saying yes to the dress, and this formula will help you cover all your bases so you know you have found your dream wedding dress. As you book your first appointment to try on wedding dresses, be sure to look at their feedback, reviews on social media, watch any videos they might post, or past advice they have offered when wedding dress shopping, this will enable you to have an insight to the wedding dress boutique you are booking into. We want you to be prepared as possible. It is most likely that you've not tried on any wedding dresses before, some brides will have a clear idea of how they want to look on their wedding day, some brides have no idea what they want in a wedding dress. No matter which bride you are our formula for finding your dream wedding gown will help you make up your mind and have no regrets.

Shape First, Then Design

You might want to try on all the different styles, Wedding Belles Love typically start with a few options a fitted wedding dress and one larger one, a more flowing ballgown style. This helps us t determine if we are going to show off your figure or if you want to be a little more conservative and go with a style that hides your body a little more. Trying on different kinds of silhouettes including fit and flare, empire waist, A-line and every style in between will help you to see which shape suits your body.

Within these two different wedding dress silhouettes that you will try on first, we are also working out which other elements, such as strapless, straps, sleeves sparkle or no sparkle. For example, the fitted wedding dress may have sparkle off the shoulder, the ballgown my be lace strapless. This method of choosing the different silhouettes with various style elements we can maximise your feedback at this point, your feedback will enable your stylist to fetch different wedding dresses for you to try on. Remember your bridal stylist is only as good as the feedback you give her, the more information you are able to provide about what elements you love or dislike the easier it will be to find your dream wedding gown. From trying on the different element we are narrowing down the styles you like the best.

Once you can determine the shape of your wedding dress that you prefer, then we can really focus on the design , placements of lace, beaded or sparkle, maybe you would like texture fabric, all of these will be easier once you have worked out the style you like.

So many appointments we hear at the beginning, "I would like something plain and fitted" then the bride leaves an all over sparkle princess wedding dress and falls in love with her wedding dress.

Wedding Belles Love encourage you to try on and be open to many different designs of wedding dresses, you never know what wedding dress you might say "YES!" to, the perfect wedding dress for you.

Giving Feedback

Your bridal stylist is only as good as the feedback you give her, When you are trying on different wedding dresses, you need to transparent and honest as possible, it does not matter if you don't like the wedding dress, we don't mind you wont offend us, it just means its not your dress so we know not to bring any others similar. As well tell us what you love about a wedding dress then we can fill your changing room full of the designs you are loving. This is why we pick two very different wedding dresses at the beginning so we can really get a sense of what you are liking, which elements you are more focused on. We are trained and have excellent knowledge of the wedding dresses available for you to try on, Ultimately we will piece all the pieces together from all your conversations throughout your appointment and find your dream wedding dress.

Final Pieces Of Advice

When you are wedding dress shopping for the very first time, finding the right formula that you want to consider is trying on different shapes once you have determined your shape then its time to move to the elements of the design you are loving. This way your results will be faster, you will be able to try on more wedding dresses that you like all the elements too. We always recommend that you have images that you would like to try on, so this rules out the what ifs.

We encourage you not to go to a lot of bridal boutiques in one day, as it really is about the quality of the boutique not the quantity of the stores you visit.

Also the longer you are in a wedding dress that you don't like, the less time you will have in the wedding dresses you do like, then you will have time to go back to your favorite wedding dresses with no added pressure of time.

Finally no gown you try on is a waste of time, you and your stylist will learn something from each wedding dress you put on.

We hope you have found these tips helpful, for more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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