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Wedding fashion Trends, Shopping Trip To Bridal Fashion Week 2023

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Bridal Fashion Trends 2023

Bridal fashion week will soon be up on us, So there is a lot of excitement in the wedding world when it comes to wedding dress shopping, We shop for wedding gowns twice a year, spring event in London and an autumn event in Harrogate,

Wedding Belles Love, will be adding as much information and sneak peeps throughout our visit as possible, we will add links to our events pages so you can follow our experience with us and feel part of our trip to shop for the latest bridal fashion trends.

So what is London Bridal Fashion Week?

Bridal Fashion Week London this is held in one of the fashion capitals of the world, this event attracts the leading designers from across the globe. This is where bridal boutiques from all over the UK come to search for the best newest gowns to stock in their boutiques, this can include shopping with current designers or searching for new up coming designers who are show casing their newest latest wedding dress designs and full collections in wedding dresses, as well as bridal accessories, the bridal stores that attend , all the wedding dress designers are all available under one roof, this for us is an amazing opportunity for us, its gives us the freedom to look around chat with wedding gown designers feel the fabrics see how the dresses move whilst on models, as you can imagine wedding dresses look completely different online then in person. This is where the fun really starts for us. its time to shop for our sample gowns to feature in our bridal shop. With over 300 brands, live fashion shows, education classes and plenty of networking with other bridal shops, this event is one unmissable destination for our bridal boutique.

If you are going to be watching our reels and looking for your wedding gown, it might be worth noting that these gowns will not be available just yet, if you see a gown you love its not going to be available right away, for you to try on, and you will have to wait a few months to see it in our bridal boutique, after we place our orders at London Bridal Week, the orders are processed, the dress designers return to their design studios and make the orders for the wedding dress samples we have placed. this sample wedding dress production takes time, approximately 4-6 months to arrive in store, so if you have seen a sample wedding dress you might want to call ahead to see if its arrived or watch our social media to see them arriving.

And so with out further ado lets see what were the hottest trends hitting the catwalks at the last event, these trends have now started to arrive in bridal boutiques these past few months, after the shopping trip in Autumn.

So what was trending that we spotted at the last event at Harrogate Bridal Week?

Trend 1: 3D Floral Detail & Laces

So if you’re wondering what is 3D floral lace on a wedding dress, many brides ask us this question so your not alone. Many brides wonder what is 3D floral lace. they hear on social media and written in wedding articles. The 3d floral lace is referring to the lace appliques that are raised from the wedding dress, giving them a more flutter effect, these appliques are slightly raised to give another dimension to your wedding gown.

If a more feminine look is your preferred style this trend will be just right for you. 3d floral lace made a huge hit on the runway at the autumn fashion show the 3d floral gives more texture and romance to your wedding gown, many designers used the 3d floral lace giving their wedding dress extra special detail.

Trend 2: Detachable Overskirts & Sleeves

At Harrogate Bridal Fashion Week, we saw lots of detachable components on wedding dresses, detachable items have been making a presence over the past few years, like straps and belts, but this bridal show we saw an increased of designers were featuring detachable or removable sleeves and overskirts on there wedding dresses this give brides more options when choosing their wedding gown, especially if the brides wants to change up her look throughout the wedding day. We absolutely love detachable elements to wedding dresses, we love that this create another look for the wedding gown, a bride can certainly have a 2-in-1 wedding dress look, brides can remove an overskirt or sleeves for the evening giving the look a more sleek fitted style, this will reveal a completely different bridal look for the reception.

Trend 3: Minimalist Wedding Dresses

This season was mainly about minimalistic, sleek, elegant and bold wedding dress style at Bridal Fashion week. Fabrics were varying flawless satins lightweight tulles and Mikado silks, crepes and subtle glitter fabrics, the flawless satins were creating gentle silhouettes effortless folds, and drapes, these stunning fabrics created thigh high splits, off the shoulder sleeves and oversized bows alongside delicate sparkles to accentuate the collections. These wedding dresses with very clean lines, structural details, were very present on this seasons bridal runway.

Trend 4: Gloves Were A Huge Hit

Gloves were a huge hit on these collections so if you are thinking about gloves for your bridal style? All the different styles and sizes were certainly making come back, Now gloves might be an unexpecting bridal accessory, but they fast becoming as popular as a veil, they are certainly making a come back. Many designers were featuring gloves to compliment their wedding dress style, with so many options for gloves its hard to chose the style to suit you, there were short or long gloves as well as fingerless embroidered gloves, with so much choice in fabrics, from satin to polka dot lace tulle gloves, there was certainly a style to suit every bride, as well as diiferent looks throughout their wedding day, Gloves for the formal part of their ceremony, then remove them for the partying in the evening. They are truly a new and unexpecting accessory make a come back in the wedding world.

We hope you have found these tips helpful. For more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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