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What Are Wedding Belles Love Doing To Help Brides During Coronavirus??

As like many small businesses we are the lifeblood of most communities and with COVID-19, small businesses certainly entered unknown territory, as a small business we worked to find new and creative ways to still be there for our brides to be. Without brides coming in to try on gowns, our boutique was feeling very very empty! But! With a little planning we decided we are no ordinary small businesses. Instead of shutting our doors completely, we found innovative ways to still see our brides and have any chats with them.

Possibly one of the most innovative ways were through virtual appointments. We had many gowns that arrived through lock down so to keep our brides to be as excited as we were to unbox them we offered photos to be sent at a time no one else could peep. Virtual appointments ranging from meet-and-greets and getting-to-know-you as well as dress arrival viewings, many of brides were on ZOOM with bride to be sashes a glass of something fizzy to bring some fun and excitement back to their weddings. Many of our brides have had to postpone their weddings so these were great ways to start to bring the fun back again.

We also got to show our WBL brides around new boutique as we were painting and decorating checking with you all, asking for help to choose colours and furnishings.

But our virtual appointments aren’t the only way we got to see our WBL brides to be we hosted flash sales, for our new brides coming through with short wedding dates, still allowing brides to shop with us, we offered online sales and click collect, we shipped dresses to brides to be, and they could return them within two weeks and chose the dress of their dreams. Show room in your home was extremely popular for shopping for accessories, our staff wore the sample dress similar to the bride to be gown and we matched accessories, they could be purchased and shipped or ordered ready for collection once we reopen.

We set a up a Facebook group for our Wedding Belles Love Brides, this proved to be an amazing support network for each of them to help them through these strange times of wedding postponed up to 4 times with in the year, it was great to see how brides interacted with each other offering recommendations, pick me ups and general chats. We wrote a Covid survival guide to postponing your wedding, for our brides in a printable PDF so they knew what questions to ask before they made calls, it was full of tips and ideas to hopefully alleviate some of the stresses.

We worked hand-in-hand with our colleagues at Stella York, these calls and check ins sharing ideas were absolutely brilliant we listened took notes and more notes, we had video calls and loved seeing every one again. We did think at times is this really achievable, and guess what we did it! WE DID IT !!!!! we did ALL this with your support

We have well and truly achieved this way and beyond that we ever dreamed of, ( there were a few sleepless nights) BUT WITH THE HELP OF YOU ALL WE DID IT!!!

The first lockdown we made some changes but we certainly moved faster to help our ever growing postponed WBL brides to be, in these very uncertain times we would thank them all for all their support it truly means the world to, we are very lucky to have the most amazing brides to be.


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