Tree Planting
Planting a Tree


Wedding Belles Love are proudly supporting the community as well as the wider community, to make visible changes, we help at a local charity shop, we support people with hidden disabilities as well as off setting our carbon footprint. 

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We have every Tuesday as a purple Tuesday not just once a year.

Wedding Belles Love offer:

30 minute longer appointments

We understand the sensory needs:

Music off or lower if needed, phones on silent or background noise will be removed.

Lights dimmed if required.

We recognise hidden disabilities.

Within the next 12 months.

We are:

Training all our staff to be able to communicate confidently with disabled people.

Adding Grab rails throughout our boutique

1 staff member is learning the basics in sign language


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Wedding Belles Love are already really conscious on our waste and try to be as sustainable as we can and recycle as much as possible. 

This year are going above and beyond. We reducing our carbon footprint by offsetting some of our carbon emissions, by planting trees for every wedding dress we sell.

Our main tree planting sites are in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. We will plant a native and biodiverse mix of tree species and our planting projects help to support local communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers. We also offer local reforestation projects in the UK, Australia, and the US, We fund trees in your own country too.

These baby trees grow to support communities and wildlife, improve soil and water quality, and boost the biodiversity of the local area.



Wedding Belles Love

Are committed to support the community,

Our Staff volunteer at the local Mind Charity Shop for total of 15 hours per month.

Our Staff clean the shop, help with steaming the clothes and organisation of stock as well as support all the volunteers that work at mind.

Our seamstress helps to helps to revamp our sample wedding dresses which we then donate to the charity shop, along side other items from our boutique



 How Wedding Belles Love ~Bridal Boutique Became Eco Friendly, As Well As The Products We Use.

We did a lot of research into what the word "Eco Friendly" I want to identify what makes an eco-friendly cleaning product?.

We started by handmaking a lot of our own products to reduce our waste. as well as using a lot more reusable products, not just making sure everything is recyclable that enters our boutique, if it not we started to find other uses for them.

Next on our list was items that staff brought onto the premises for lunch times. We wanted to to carry through our none single use of plastics. We provide bees wax wrappers to reduce single plastic use, as well as other items were to be bought in glass containers so we can wash and reuse these. 

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