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Claire Sutton

Founder & Owner

       My favourite part of the job - is meeting people that are so in love, it brings so much joy into the boutique and it rubs off on all the staff.


    Best Quality - I feel that my best quality is definitely building up brides confidence, it’s the best feeling in the world during an appointment when we see a bride change how she feels about herself and looses all her insecurities and truly feels beautiful.


Favourite Food / Drink – My favourite food is definitely sea bass, this has been my favourite meal for as long as I can remember and, my favourite drink is aloe vera water but that is closely followed by gin.

     Fun Fact- My fun fact is that I shamelessly know all the words to the muppets Christmas carol, and I have no regrets about that!

Darci Sutton

Curvy Stylist

   Favourite Part Of The Job – My favourite part of working for Wedding Belles Curvy is seeing plus size brides feel beautiful, in every appointment I host each bride walks away with a brighter mentality.


    Best Quality – My best quality is listening and I feel that in this job it is so important to listen to how the bride feels at all times to give them the best possible appointment.


 Favourite Food / Drink – My favourite food is without a doubt Lasagne and my favourite drink has to be a porn star martini yum yum!


  Fun Fact – I have a friends obsession so yes we will all be sat on the sofa in gowns recreating their most iconic scene!


Haleema Shakil

Stella York Model 

 Favourite Part Of The Job – My favourite part of work for Wedding Belles Love is definitely trying on all the dresses, it’s a dream come true every day!


Best Quality – My best quality is that I am creative which reflects well in this job as my ideas are always heard and most are made into reality!

  Favourite Food / Drink – my favourite food is 100% Japanese dumplings they are so delicious and, my favourite drink is pink gin.

Fun Fact – A fun fact about myself is that I’m half Maltese.


Saturday Girl

Favourite Part Of The Job – Making the experience memorable for brides.

  Best Quality – My best quality is being friendly and easy to get along with.

Favourite Food / Drink – My favourite food is sushi

Fun Fact – I like to paint





        TUESDAY - SATURDAY                9:15AM - 5:00PM


        TUESDAY & THURSDAY EVENINGS                       

                                                                 5:00 - 8:30PM





38 Trentham Road 

Stoke on Trent 


 ST3 4DJ














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