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How To Hang Your Wedding Dress, Tips From Wedding Belles Love!

Now you've purchased your wedding gown. Lets answer some questions we are frequently asked by our brides.

How do I hang my wedding dress?

How do I keep my gown looking perfect for my wedding day?

We are going to share some important advice, everything from hanging your gown properly to the different components to your gown to consider to prevent damage to your gown leading up to your wedding day.

You have probably spent hours searching online and visiting bridal boutiques to find your dream wedding dress, so you want to ensure that your wedding gown looks amazing on your wedding day. Caring for your wedding dress leading up to your wedding day. This is an important task not to be overlooked in your wedding planning.

No matter what style wedding dress you have chosen, it is really important to hang and store it properly so it maintains the shape and does not get damaged before your wedding day

Inner Straps

Wedding Belles Love are often asked by brides, how they should care for there wedding dress leading up to their wedding day. It is really important for brides to know how to store their wedding dress once they have collected it from your bridal boutique until their wedding day.

If your wedding dresses has straps or sleeves, hanging your wedding dress by these will cause damage and stretch these parts to your gown. Always be sure to use the inner straps, these often look like ribbons or silicone straps.

You will find these inner straps attached to the bodice, near to the waist band, by using these inner straps to hang your wedding dress this will ensure that that the weight is evenly distributed.

You would not want to hang your gown by the straps or sleeves as this will undo any work that your seamstress has completed at alterations where your gown was tailored to fit perfectly.

Wedding Dresses With Trains

As well as the inner straps, there is a loop under your train, you need to pay attention to this.

This a conversation we have with our brides on a daily basis. You have probably seen brides carrying their train around on their wedding day with this loop, whilst you can use the loop for that, this is not what the loop is designed for.

This loop is designed to store your wedding dress properly, this loop will loop over your hanger to ensure your wedding dress weight is distributed evenly if its not used , if this loop is not used the train could become creased and wrinkled especially if it stored inside a dress bag leading up to your big day,

Wedding Dresses With Boning

If your wedding dress has boning, you will want to read this section to gain understanding on the importance of how to hang your gown. By paying particular attention to the boning, as this can change how your wedding dress fits otherwise the integrity of the shape could be compromised, if you are unsure what boning is, its the hard plastic that is inside the bodice which manipulates the fabrics to create the bodice shape and hold it in place. This can easily be bent if care is not taken.

Wedding dresses with boning inside have another inner strap to keep it in place, use this strap to ensure that the boning stays in place and does not move or get bent. You want your boning to be lifted up straight and for the weight to be held form under the armpit. You certainly don't want this plastic boning poking through on your wedding day!

A Few Final Points

Location, pick a safe place to store your wedding dress. Make sure the area you choose is in a dark, cool area free from pests, mischievous fur babies and peeping fiancés. A guest bedroom’s interior closet is a perfect place to store a wedding gown. Avoid places like attics, or exterior wall wardrobes because they are not always climate controlled.

You’ll definitely want to hang your wedding dress rather than box it up. By hanging your gown, you ensure that it will not be permanently creased. It also allows airflow around the gown – because, who wants a musty dress?

Make sure to store your gown in a dress bag provided by Wedding Belles Love as they are fully breathable.

If you've not purchased your gown from us and gown is currently in a plastic gown bag, remove it ASAP and replace it with the proper storage bag. Breathable fabric garment bag that is acid-free will not discolor your gown or cause creases. It keeps dust off your dress and allows air circulation. Make sure when zipping up the bag, you’re extra careful to not catch any fabric in the zipper.

Finally, remember to take care of your veil and accessories. They can be stored in an acid-free box with archival tissue paper. If you purchase them from us, we also pack accessories in acid free paper. Make sure to store them off the floor and away from pets and high traffic areas. You can keep them in the same closet with your dress or in a drawer. Just like with your wedding dress, you’ll want to make sure your veil is free of wrinkles before the big day. We offer veil clips, to hang your veils, we also recommend that if you put your veils in a room with moisture it stops creases as they absorb the moisture out of the air.

We hope you have found these tips helpful for storing your wedding dress, for more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.

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