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We Appreciate Wedding Belles Love Brides Part 2 of 3 (We Listened & Changed)

At the beginning of the year, we started to run polls on our instagram stories, we needed your views and some help on how to give you, our brides the best possible experience when shopping for your wedding dress.

So we asked you questions like:

What do you want to see from the wedding dress collection?

This or That?

Colour Themes?

We also asked our brides what would you like to see throughout our boutique featured more?

What changes do you think we should make, to enhance your bridal shopping experience more.

So with all the questions answered, we then spent our evenings creating mood boards, swatches started to arrive, brides who were visiting us, joined picking wallpaper samples, and paint colours. We value our brides so much and love to see them involved. Then to the best part! We started to execute our vision, so the work clothes became our new wardrobe, and the vision started to appear slowly.

  • The main part of our boutique brides loved the most were the private suites, with uninterrupted appointment times.

So we thought about this further, the downstairs fitting suite was next to the kitchen & bathroom, so this meant that sometimes people walked through another appointment, either to use the bathroom or staff carrying drinks to the other suites, although this never caused any problems, we needed to explore this somewhat.

  • Solution

Lets move the fitting suite- this came with a few problems itself as we had no more free rooms, we had a storage room and an office so where is it going to go? - So after standing upstairs, thinking, - this answer was staring right at us. The store room is much bigger than the suite downstairs, so that was the answer, we started to empty all the items out of this room and create a new space. We had new windows fitted, heating was the next part as it was super cold upstairs. Then we ordered the paints to match the mood boards our brides had chosen, the ideas when they came in to talk to us about what they wanted to see in the boutique and the vision was created. Your vision came to life.

  • At this point on Instagram there were many polls about wedding dresses -

We wanted to know which wedding dresses you want to see in our boutique- after all, our aim is to give you the bride the best possible experience we can. Our brides fill our boutique with so much love, that we absolutely love our time together

  • Solution

We made new dress racking twice as much as we had previously and moved all the wedding dresses into one floor so you can see all the wedding dresses we stock, as well as placing them in designer order. We ordered lots of new wedding dresses, as well as accessories for the dresses, bows, over skirts, sleeves and straps, all matching the wedding gowns that you wanted to see. After all, this is about your wedding dress journey and how you want to look and feel on your wedding day.

  • You already love that we are size inclusive!

After many conversations with our brides, we already knew that wedding dress sizes were always at the foremost part of our bridal boutique. We have always wanted you to feel included in our boutique, regardless of shape or size.

  • Solution

We already stock up to sizes 8- 36, but we wanted more! So we have placed orders to stock many dresses in more than one size. We found wedding dress designers who can also custom make wedding dresses to your measurements, so we purchased more of these dresses for you to try on, again in multiple sizes. We stock one of every style wedding dress in multiple sizes, this gives you an idea how your wedding dress will look once it arrives.

Whereas the custom order wedding dresses can arrive to your body shape, this cuts down the alterations, as well as working amazingly well for girls who sit across a few dress sizes, for example bust size 16, waist 12 and hips size 14 with the ability to arrive already made to measure.

  • From the polls it was becoming very visible that you wanted to start to see that you wanted more than just a wedding dress.

You wanted more from your wedding dress, you wanted to make a few changes to your gown to make it as individual as you are. Small changes like necklines, Sleeves, Straps, Glitter, Lace and so much more were very prevalent. You wanted your wedding dress to be as individual as you are!

  • Solution

We already had the ability to order extra fabrics but we wanted to go one step further.

We started to design our very own wedding dresses. This latest collection is all about how you see your vision on your wedding day, we can make changes on these gowns so that they represent you. There are so many different options with these dresses the possibilities are quite endless. So if you are struggling to find your dream wedding dress, or are looking for a one of a kind wedding dress, this collection is certainly one you will want to try on.


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