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The Complete Guide To Wedding Dress Costs And Prices

You are probably reading this blog as you are starting shopping for your wedding gown, you are quite possibly wondering

How much does a wedding dress cost?

Why are the prices so different depending on the designer?

If you have questions about wedding dresses and the cost then you are in the right place. This is our guide on wedding dress costs and how to budget for your wedding dress shopping.

Some of the top questions about wedding dresses are the prices, you probably have no idea how much a wedding dress would cost, it can get confusing when it comes to wedding planning, we are here to help, we are going to breakdown everything you need to know about wedding dress pricing, this will enable you to do your research before you start to wedding dress shop, giving you more confidence in your appointment.

Dress Prices

Bridal fashion including wedding dresses can range from affordable to very luxurious, you will find a stunning wedding dress within your price point.

Most wedding dress designers set the price point for their wedding gowns, the bridal boutiques must honor these prices when selling a collection.

Most of our designers offer wedding dresses at a range of prices there are a few different elements that factor into the price of a wedding dress, including the labour and the time it takes to manufacture as well as the types of fabrics as well as the embellishments used to make the wedding dress, such as beadwork, sparkles, or lace.

If you have a smaller budget for your wedding day look, do not worry that you will not find the dress of your dreams. You might have to make a coupe of sacrifices when it comes to the volume of details or the quality of the fabrics but you should not think you that you will be limited to a plain dress or a certain style. You will find your dream dress. Bridal wedding dress designers are not going to put a bad product on the market.

At Wedding Belles Love, it is also very important to us to have a wide range of selections of wedding dresses at various different price points so that you, as the bride, can try on different bridal dresses and feel the difference for yourself. Ultimately, you will have to decide what is the best and most suitable look, style, and quality for your wedding dress

With the current inflation market we are currently experiencing, you might find that there are increasing in prices as you are shopping, as the designers are seeing increases to labour and materials, for all these reasons try to shop earlier. When you find "The One" make sure you dont wait around, this way you will guarantee to purchase your gown at the price on the invoice, Do not wait around the dress you love could cost more in a week or a months time.

Here we are going to break down wedding dress prices giving examples of different dresses various price points along the way, this will enable you shop smarter when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

Browse Online

Our tip for brides shopping for their wedding dress and wondering how much wedding dresses cost, the best place to look is online. Start to look at bridal boutiques that are near to where you live or that carry a designer you are interested in. Most bridal boutiques will have a list of the designers they stock online as well as current images of wedding dresses available in their boutique, a great place to look is through there website. Check out their collections, styles and sizes. A lot of bridal boutiques will also have prices next to the wedding dresses this gives you an idea on your wedding dress budget for the style of wedding dress you are drawn towards. Here you will start to see designs and styles that you are liking.

Online Inventory

Whilst you are browsing online through the bridal boutiques websites, Take a look at how current the website appears, if it looks if this is not managed or up to date, then a particular dress may not be stocked any more or the price point could be very different if this is not updated regular. Websites that are well managed will update stock as it arrives in to the boutiques as well if a sample dress is sold off the rail to a bride, the inventory will change on a daily basis. Wedding Belles Love have Pinterest boards for brides, so if a wedding dress is sold off the rack we have similar designs to try on.

Plus Size Inventory And Costs

Some designers charge for plus-size wedding gowns, due to the additional fabric, boning and embellishments needed to for the structure of the bridal gown, some wedding dress past a certain size charge a sizing fee, at Wedding Belles Love we never charge the extra costs, we cover all additional fees that are given by the designer.

Shop Early

Brides normally start to plan their wedding dress shopping 8-9 months before their wedding date, ideally 1 year before their wedding day. We love 1 year before the wedding as this ensures the production time of your wedding gown, posting as well as alterations. Equally we love a challenge if a bride has less time we still access online portals and rush orders are available, these do however come with a cost from the designer to ensure that your wedding gown will arrive on time. Many bridal boutiques have sample rails, these are gowns that are cheaper to purchase as they have been used in the shop for brides to try on and order from. Wedding Belles Love offer available now prices on most wedding dresses.

We hope you have found these tips helpful, for more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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