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Welcome Wedding Belles Love Curvy, Plus Size Wedding Dresses

I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me. - Kim Kardashian


Hello to all our curvy brides out there! We’ve wrote this blog for those brides who are a size 16 and over, we are a proud boutiques that sell plus size gowns and they are magnificent! We not only stock dresses up to size 32 but our designer Stella York completely reconstructs gowns for plus sized brides so the dress is designed for you and you alone.

Where To Start

We definitely recommend coming in open minded as you never know what style might suit you, take a look at our Pinterest or Instagram, also come with an open mind, you never know which style will suit your curves until you have tried them, you can design a mood board with details you love, buttons, laces, sheer and styles. This will help your stylist to guide you through the appointment.

Our Dresses

How our dresses are different to any others you’ve tried on, we use designers Stella York and Hayley Paige which are award winning bridal designers both are absolutely amazing and allow us to have gorgeous gowns up to size 32.

Stella York gowns are restructured with boning in the bodice to support bigger breasts, extra fabrics under arms to stop chafing and thicker fabric to cover and insecurities. The way how Stella recreates each gown is truly mesmerising as each size has a different amount of boning and fabric to make sure it suits your figure.

Hayley Paige offers a new line of bridal gowns that are slightly different to anything you’ve seen she uses modern geometric lace, colours and even short gowns for those brides who are after something slightly different all her gown are gorgeous and flatter girls with curves.

Your Appointment

We love all our appointments with our brides to be and we usually have two stylists on hand one to help you in and out the dresses as we know they can be a bit difficult due to all the fabric! We welcome you by sitting and having a beverage together, getting to know all about your wedding, your venue of your wedding as well as finding out your style and personality to help us dress you in your perfect gown. You are more than welcome to bring a bottle of fizz with you, we will provide the glasses.

We know that it can be scary and a bit out of your comfort zone but don’t worry that’s what were here for! Trust us when we say by the end of the appointment, you’ll be stood in the mirror looking at your gorgeous gown thinking wow! Is that me, and the answer is yes you are stunning! You just needed the perfect style to show of your curves.

The Process

When you arrive we’ll give you a handful of ribbons to hang on the dresses that catch your eye but bare in mind they look so much different on the hanger, as you start to try them on we’ll eliminate any that you don’t like and then that’s where the magic happens as you start to smile because let’s be honest you look amazing!

The more gowns you try on the more you’ll relax and start feeling confident especially with the help of our curvy stylists Darci and Claire. As you start to be more vocal on what you do and don’t like we can explain how the designer changes the gown and we have such an amazing designer that stocks extra matching fabrics to create sleeves, coverings in the front and back in case you fall in love with a dress but have that what if feeling, so never stress because if you don’t like something we can change it.

What Happens Next

What happens after the big YES! We’ll take your details, make notes of any changes and measure you so we can order the dress to your size, many of our brides have goals for their wedding dress so we are more than happy to support these. Our Seamstress is excellent at making changes to wedding gowns, so fear not, nothing is unachievable in our boutique.

Once your dress is ordered it usually takes at least 6 months to arrive as they are made to order, once we receive your gown we steam it and re-invite you back to our boutique arms wide open! Now this is where the fun starts as your gown fits perfectly and there’s smiles all around. Then it’s time to see the seamstress Andrea and you’re almost ready for your wedding day.

Lots of Love

Wedding Belles Love

Are you ready to try on some amazing plus size wedding dresses?

Click the link below to book online.


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