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Now New Restrictions Are Lifted At Wedding Belles Love

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Now that the restrictions have been lifted we’re all celebrating! It’s the go ahead for weddings that we’ve all been waiting for the past year and a half! We’re jumping with joy at Wedding Belles Love! It must be so exciting knowing you can now invite your whole family and have the big wedding you’ve been dreaming about, so let’s run you ladies through a what to do next!

Make a list of your suppliers and contact them with your new date (start with your venue!) by contacting your suppliers it will help you get that sense of clarity back as we are officially replanning your wedding for the last time.

Then contact your guests, you could email, text, call or even send out invites but let’s get everyone on the same page about your day. Even though restrictions have been lifted also doesn’t mean that you have to have 200+ guests, if you want to keep your ceremony small and intimate that’s completely your choice and if you want a huge wedding with everyone you know that’s also okay the choice is now yours on the size of the wedding with the perfect excuse if needed 😉 If you’re struggling with who to invite this time around make a list and the most important guest will appear naturally trust your heart and you both will create the perfect delayed wedding guest list

Now its time to notify your bridal boutique, this is super important so we know when to have your perfect gown ready for, when you let us know its all systems go we’ll book you in for alterations, steaming service and packing if needed! And trust us when we say we’ll be just as excited as you!

Now that you’ve reorganised yourself and your day is finally happening it’s time to relax! Enjoy the sun whilst it’s out, have a drink on us and soak up those rays because your wedding is officially happening!!

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