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What Happens Once Your Wedding Dress Arrives After You Have Ordered It?

You have found your wedding dress, placed your order, now you are wondering what happens next?

You are reading the blog if you are getting married and the wedding dress shopping, maybe you are a little nervous about what happens next once you have placed your order. We are going to give you all the advice about what happens after you have purchased your wedding dress. If you have purchased your wedding dress you are wondering what happens next. We are going to talk through the process and what it looks like once your wedding gown arrives in to our bridal boutique as well as everything in between. As always we are going to be giving you the best advice.

Wow It Feels Like Such A Long Time For Your Wedding Dress To Arrive.

The time from when you place your order of your wedding dress to when it arrives in store to the moment you begin your alterations, this can feel a little overwhelming at times. It can feel like such a long time sometimes it can raise concerns or even second guessing your choices. Many brides purchase their wedding gown very early in their wedding planning journey sometimes this is a year before their wedding date.

Many months go by after the brides said "Yes to the dress" and purchased their wedding gown that leading up to the moment when they come back to the boutique for the first time, they sometimes feel a little nervous about the wedding dress they have purchased, feeling this way is completely normal, especially when the timeframe is so long from ordering to arrival into the boutique. Your wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day probably the most important item of clothing you will ever purchase, so we totally understand that you could be feeling this way.

Many brides worry that they may of made the wrong decision or that won't love their wedding dress as much. Wedding Belles Love best advice to brides who are getting a little worried about loving their dream wedding dress as much as the day they purchased it, is to remember how your wedding dress made you feel when you said to the dress, they way you felt beautiful and confident, you will absolutely love your wedding dress again. To be honest most brides love it even more once it arrives and they are standing in front of the mirror again.

Open Minded & Open Hearted

When you put your wedding dress on for the first time once it arrives in the boutique, you will 100% remember why you said "Yes to the dress," We often hear the sigh of relief once our brides put on their actual wedding dress, they instantly know it was the right choice.

We sometimes see brides to start to panic a little when they put on their unaltered wedding dress for the first time it arrives as it doesn't quite fit right sometimes they feel a little self conscious about how they look in their wedding dress at that moment, Some brides dissect every little detail in that moment in mirror, they start to think maybe they have purchased the wrong wedding dress.

When brides try on their wedding dresses before they are altered to fit their shape, we encourage brides to come with an open mind about their wedding dress,

When a bride starts to nitpick at her wedding dress, we take a few moments with them to remember why they picked their wedding dress, we pin their dresses into place to show them the difference once it will be altered, sometimes this happens more when a bride has ordered extra fabrics to make changes such as sleeves or filling in plunges. The bride closes her eyes and starts to imagine what their finished wedding dress will look like, after a few minute they can envision their wedding dress completed and they completely fall in love again with their wedding gown.

When the brides wedding dress has arrived in store it has not been through the alteration process, When you try on wedding dresses in the boutique they are sample ones, when the order is placed for your wedding dress, it is normally ordered to your closet size, unless you choose a custom designed wedding dress.

Seamstress Appointments

When you go to your seamstress appointment this process could be a little daunting as your wedding dress doesn't quite fit your body properly yet. You will be able to make slight change to the dress at your alterations process. Speak to your seamstress about any parts of your wedding dress that makes you feel uncomfortable, for example, the length might be too long even with your heels on, so ask them to alter the length, or maybe you would like to add a sleeve or a strap to your wedding dress these are all changes that happen during the alterations process, this is the time to make the minor changes to your wedding dress. Brides must be very clear which alterations they would like at this stage, these changes will ensure you are happy with your wedding dress on your wedding day. The alterations process is not one that you want to skimp on when it comes to wedding dress shopping, plan this if you are budgeting in the cost of your wedding dress, The final wedding dress style often doesn't take place until about 3 weeks before your wedding day. With this been so close sometimes it can become unsettling for many brides.

It is normal for brides to feel nervous about their wedding dress during alterations process. For brides that are worried about their wedding dress alterations, it is important to know that you are in trusted hands of a professional, it is crucial to invest in a professional seamstress to ensure your wedding dress is being altered perfectly.

Wedding Belles Love Best Advice

Our best advice to ensure you have a wonderful experience with your wedding dress, is to work with the best professionals that you can and to shop at a bridal boutique that you trust. When other brides have an amazing trusting relationship with their wedding dress boutique this is very prevalent online, they will leave reviews tell their friends all about their experiences, they will be featuring on social forums with their chosen bridal boutiques. This is a key way to see a real persons view of their experiences in wedding dress shopping.

We hope you have found these tips helpful. For more wedding day advice, be sure to check out our previous blogs, to help you in your wedding day journey.


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